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Ecommerce Check list before launch

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Pre-Launch Checklist

  • To be undertaken when the site is deemed to be complete and ready to launch
  • Checks should take place on desktop, mobile and tablet devices

Product Pages (PDP)

  1. Product images are optimised and display correctly across all devices
  2. Product videos play correctly across all devices
  3. Product title is prominent and wrapped in an H1 tag
  4. Price is displayed prominently across all devices, including accurately showing:
    1. Inc. or ex. VAT
    2. Sale prices
    3. Tiered pricing 
    4. Simple prices when chosen on configurable products
    5. Price changes when options are selected on bundle products
  5. Clicking Add to Basket button:
    1. Correctly adds item(s) to basket across all product types
    2. Displays concise error message when required product options are not selected
  6. Out of Stock products display correctly across all devices
  7. Add to wishlist functionality works as expected
  8. Products with Back in Stock notifications enabled are displayed correctly and email address is correctly stored when entered
  9. Product description (short and main) displays correctly across all devices
  10. If using out-of-the-box product reviews, these are working correctly and feeding through to the Ecommerce admin for the appropriate approval status.  If using a 3rd party review platform, go to ‘Reviews’ section below 

All ‘test’ products are removed from the site

Third Party Reviews

  1. Switched to production mode and test reviews have been added to ensure they are working
    1. At product level
    2. At site level if applicable
  2. Product reviews contain correct schema markup
  3. Existing site reviews have been correctly imported across

Category Pages / PLP

  1. Product images show correctly, as do hover secondary images if applicable
  2. Correct pricing shows for:
    1. Simple products
    2. Bundle products
    3. Configurable products
    4. Grouped products
    5. Gift cards
  3. Filtering works as expected
  4. Category title is wrapped around an H1 tag
  5. Category description if used is feeding through correctly onto the front end
  6. Sort By functionality functions as expected
  7. Pagination functions as expected

On-Site Search

Whether using the out-of-the-box site search (which is generally not recommended) or a 3rd party service, the following steps should be followed to help get the most out of your site search functionality:

  1. Correct attributes for searching have been selected, e.g. SKU, name, description, etc
  2. Popular searches on the previous site  are checked and bring back expected results
  3. Site search results filtering options work as expected
  4. Any search term redirects have been imported from the old site and are working correctly
  5. Consider implementing new landing page redirects for popular search terms
  6. Relevant synonyms have been set up

The quality of site search results are subjective but through performing a range of relevant searches, you should have a good idea as to whether the algorithm is working optimally.  Remember: a lot of 3rd party services learn as they go, so this may need a bedding in period post-launch.

Promo codes

  1. All ‘test’ promo rules have been removed or disabled
  2. Check all active Shopping Cart rules (or as many as practical) to ensure they are working correctly
  3. Check Catalog Price rules work and amend prices on the front end as expected


  1. Breadcrumbs display correctly across all areas of the website
  2. Breadcrumbs link through correctly to destination page

Social links

  1. Check to ensure all social icons link to the correct destination
  2. If using social sharing buttons on product pages, check these work as expected

Transactional emails

Assuming Ecommerce is to be used for transactional emails, check that the following emails send correctly and look as expected on all devices:

  1. Sales order
    1. Guest
    2. Logged in user
  2. New account sign up
  3. Forgotten password
    1. Link to reset password works and can be reset
  4. Back in stock notification


  1. Tax rules, rates and classes have been entered 
  2. Tax display settings in configuration have been correctly set up
  3. Front end displays the correct VAT price per product on:
    1. Product pages
    2. Category pages
    3. Page builder blocks


  1. Cart total displays the following correctly:
    1. Subtotal
    2. Total
    3. Tax
    4. Discount
  2. Promo code field
    1. Works as expected with valid codes
    2. Displays user-friendly error message for invalid codes
  3. Changing product quantity updates as expected
  4. Removing product from cart works as expected
  5. If using enclosed checkout, clicking site logo returns user to the homepage
  6. Continue Shopping buttons return the user to the homepage
  7. Gift card field works expected


Checks to be carried out for the following as both a logged in and guest user (if applicable):

  1. Error messages on address / billing details are user-friendly
  2. Promo and gift card fields work as expected
  3. Correct shipping options are pulled through with the correct shipping value
  4. All payment options
    1. Have been fully configured and set to production accounts
    2. Show user-friendly error messages for invalid details
    3. Take payment as expected when correct details are used
      1. Order shown in correct state in Ecommerce, e.g. Processing
      2. Order exports successfully to ERP if applicable 
      3. Payment is received in gateway as expected
      4. Order completes as expected
  5. If checking out as a guest, option to register on success page is present and works as expected

Account area

Generally, the account area functionality is not adapted a great deal from a code point of view so will work as expected. Iit is still worth checking the following however (this is particularly important if you have imported your customers over from your current website):

  1. Personal details pull through as expected and passwords can be updated
  2. Address functionality will ensure:
    1. Shown correctly for all existing addresses
    2. New addresses can be added
    3. Addresses can be updated
  3. Orders
    1. New orders show as expected with correct order state
    2. Re-order button works as expected
  4. Newsletter subscriptions
    1. Show the correct mailing list user is subscribed to 
    2. Provides opportunity to remove themselves from mailing lists
  5. Wishlists
    1. Items in wishlist are shown as expected
    2. Clicking on item in wishlist takes user through to the corresponding product


Based on the assumption of using the out-of-the-box Ecommerce navigation.  It is particularly important to check the site navigation on multiple devices.

  1. Categories that are selected to ‘show in menu’ do so as expected
  2. Different levels of navigation show as expected
  3. Any dropdowns used do not hinder the user experience, i.e. too fast or too slow

Cookie policy

  1. Present on the website for new users
  2. Doesn’t show for users who have already accepted the policy

404 page

Looks and functions as expected

Holding page

When the new site launches there is likely to be a downtime which can last for several hours, during which the holding page will show.  It is at this point that key stakeholders (as well as users) will be on this page, refreshing to see if it has launched yet, so it is important to get this page spot on!

  1. Check holding page for launch is correct
    1. Phone number (including tel: link)
    2. Email address
    3. Content

Launch Checklist

Launch day has arrived, the holding page has been removed and IP restrictions lifted – the site is now available to the world. The following should be checked as soon as the site is live.  It is also worth running through the pre-launch checks again (minus the SEO steps) for peace of mind.

Test orders

  1. Place multiple test orders
    1. Logged in and as guest users
    2. Same billing / shipping address
    3. Different billing / shipping address
    4. Multiple test of different payment options
  2. Orders go through as expected
    1. To Ecommerce
    2. To ERP / Order management software
    3. Tax amounts are correct
  3. Payment is captured as expected in gateway

Website address

  1. Correctly resolves to HTTPS
    1. Non HTTPS redirects to HTTPS
  2. Non www resolves to www or vice versa


This part is very important!  Make sure all aspects are checked as soon as site launches:

  1. Spot check 301 redirects – as many as practically possible
  2. Create XML sitemap(s) in Ecommerce
  3. Ensure site is set to INDEX/FOLLOW
    1. View page source across several on FE to confirm text is there
  4. Search engines are unblocked from robots.txt
  5. Webmaster tools account is created / updated
    1. New sitemap(s) are added
  6. If using SEO software, check for broken links across the site and fix
  7. Run product pages through schema markup tool
  8. Double check canonical URLs are in place
  9. Double check href-lang implementation

Transactional emails

A repeat of the pre-launch steps, but worth checking again as these commonly cause issues upon launch. Ensure that the following emails send correctly and look as expected on all devices:

  1. Sales order
    1. Guest
    2. Logged in user
  2. New account sign up
  3. Forgotten password
  4. Link to reset password works and can be reset
  5. Back in stock notification

If emails are not coming through as expected or going into spam, a good step to take is to ensure the developers have added SPF records correctly.


Run Google lighthouse audit and compare to previous website.  Address any concerns with your technical team as necessary.

Third party service checks

Your site will more than likely have a number of 3rd party modules to enhance functionality.  When a site is launched, these can have issues with licenses etc which can cause modules to not work.  The common ones to check as soon as a website launches include:

  1. Site Search – run a re-index and check results are as expected
  2. Email – sign up for marketing email lists works as expected
  3. Personalisation software
  4. Reviews
  5. Tax extensions
  6. Shipping extensions
  7. PSP modules

Post-Launch Checklist

Once the dust has settled from the launch, over the coming weeks the following should take place (multiple times if possible) to ensure that any unforeseen issues are addressed.


  1. Ongoing checks of the following in webmaster tools
    1. Error log and address if necessary
    2. Sitemap(s) have been successfully read
    3. Robots file is valid
  2. Spot check search listings to ensure
    1. Title tags are displaying in results as expected
    2. Meta descriptions are pulling through correctly
    3. Schema markup is showing where necessary
    4. Review ratings where applicable are displaying
    5. Correct store version showing in the correct search engine locale

Customer services

No matter how well your site launch goes, customers will always manage to find issues with it!  It is worth talking with the customer service team to see what feedback they are getting about the website, as this can often expose issues that need addressing.


Orders continue to go through to Ecommerce with the correct status and feed through to relevant 3rd party software.